Friday, July 18, 2014

A few bow designs

All bows are made to order.
Any request for a different design is welcome
Pinwheel bows: $3.50
Basic hair bows (small): $2
Mini Bows: $1

Hello :)

A little story behind ButterflyBows:

ButterflyBows was thought of/created in November of 2013. Not only was the focus of the bows for fashion purposes, but also to help raise awareness about Lupus. Lupus is represented by many symbols, but the butterfly is the most common. All Lupus patients are butterflies. Something very beautiful, but also very fragile. I am a Lupus patient fighting for a cure. And I'm also a Lupus patient with a thing for bows :)

There is not enough education on Lupus being put out to the public. My goal is to one day soon be able to raise great awareness about my "disease" not only through ButterflyBows, but through the many great things I wish to do in my future career. :) 🎀

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